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company Partner with EIC Industry Group where we make offshore production simple.

From its inception in October 1995, The EIC Industry Group, with roots in China was structured to provide a vital link between its US customer base and its strategic Asian manufacturing facilities. The EIC Industry Group makes offshore production simple by handling the complete process from inception to delivery of the final product to your warehouse. We provide products and services designed to bring manufacturing of mechanical components and assemblies to the OEM market.

* Superior Customer Support
* Low Cost Tooling
* Preproduction Samples
* Quality Assurance
* Lot Control
* Kanban
* Quick Turnaround
* Secondary Operations
* Low Cost Transportation
* Blanket Order Releases
* Adherence to Confidentiality Standards
* Short and Long Runs

While the logistics of importation can be difficult, when you partner with  EIC Industry Group, we take those concerns out of the equation. As a full service supplier we take care of all your logistics needs based on your specific requirements. Owning an export company provides us with the advantage of managing everything required to insure that your products are delivered in a timely manner at the least possible cost. For our customer convenience, we also have a second warehouse in Texas located in close proximity to the Mexican border. This list below represents just a few of the services that are included as part of our standard service.
* Ocean freight consolidation
* Air freight
* Brokerage services
* Customs brokerage
* Multi-model
* Insurance

Following is a list of some of the main shipping forms that you would normally be required to complete for international transportation of goods.  Again, when you deal with The EIC Industry Group we do all the document handling for you as part of our standard service..
* Airway Bill
* Commercial Invoice
* Certificate of Origin
* Inland Bill of Lading
* Master Bill of Lading
* Packing List
* Pro Forma Invoice
* Shipper's Domestic Truck Bill of Lading

So that you can take advantage of just in time inventory practices we have warehouses in New Jersey and Texas where we can stock your products and release them as required.


Language and cultural differences can be a major impediment in international business. When working with the EIC industry group we remove these obstacles. You only need to communicate with our English speaking US based personnel, as we do all the rest. The EIC Industry Group employs experienced staff with fluency extending to all languages and dialects of regions where we operate. This ensures that all specifications are understood and observed.

At your request we can provide secondary services including but not limited to assembly and single piece packaging.

Quality is an essential ingredient of our overall business philosophy. Product quality is an integral part of our on-going efforts, superior quality being a priority for our customers. Although third-party inspections and testing are not normally requested, The EIC Industry Group can assist you in locating and securing these services should they be required.

With our roots in China EIC Industry Group can assist you in locating, qualifying and managing any type of services required to make the process of manufacturing in China and importing from China trouble free.
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